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As Filhas de Jo

As Filhas de Jo

Autor: Gardenia Yud

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The story of the celebrated old man who was the target of a "wager" between God and the prince of darkness has been over the years a source of speculations, controversies, hope and faith. But little is known about the story of the daughters generated after his misfortune. ... Yemimah faces old foes of Job, and through them understands long-standing directives, addresses new horizons and guides her parent to new agreements. A sensitive Ketzia had undertaken a journey alongside Job's great love of spreading the fruits resulting from its history along its path. And the beautiful and vain Kerenhapuk will be thrown into an adventure that will awaken her to a new level of spirituality that even the righteous had been unable to make clear. Each discovered through their experiences the meaning of the old prophet and what echoes through time.

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