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Autor: Sherwin Mago

Número de Páginas: 57

i can only wish i could write much tonight but i'm so weighed down in words i can't dig. i'd be lying this hatred because i cannot be loved when i'm only beloved by this blood with my love. how can i leave them if not for i killed myself loving who i love. he's what i never knew from my silence, i've been known but when in their loudest have they found me. i was with you like an unsealed promise and i could only wish to be kept. i looked at me like i was looked, blank in conviction, rotten by curiosities. will you love me. will you take every word i learned from their hands or will i leave you unconquered, 𝘑𝘰𝘻é



Autor: Christina Bauer

Número de Páginas: 330

“You’re a wizard, Lincoln.” Four words that I never expected to hear. Why? I lead a secret society of demon fighters who battle with swords, not spells. The House of Rixa. We’re duty bound. Reliable. Strong. The world may shift around us, but Rixa stays forever steady. All that changes when a stranger arrives with shocking news: everything I’ve known about Rixa is a lie. My house started off as a pack of witches and wizards with rogue ideas and dangerous powers. For mysterious reasons, my magical forebears went underground. Now, those long-lost relatives are resurfacing—and they’re placing my new family at risk. Good thing my wife and son like kicking ass and taking chances… Angelbound Lincoln Series Stories from the perspective of Mister the Prince 1. Duty Bound 2. Lincoln 3. Trickster 4. Baculum 5. Angelfire 6. Rixa



Autor: Samuel R. Delany

Número de Páginas: 322

A quest for a priceless element—and revenge—fuels this far-future interstellar adventure that “reads like Moby-Dick at a strobe-light show” (Time). In 3172, the universe is divided between three political units: the stars and worlds of Draco, with Earth as its power center; the Pleiades Federation, on whose capital world, New Ark, lives the incredibly wealthy Von Ray family, descended from well-heeled merchants whose ancestors made their fortune as pirates; and the Outer Colonies, where, in their underwater mines, tiny quantities of the fabulously valuable Illyrion have been discovered. Lorq Von Ray was a playboy and young space-yacht-racing captain who, at a party at Earth’s Paris, clashed with Draco’s Prince Red. This sets Lorq on a demonic quest, through which he hopes to find vengeance. When a star goes nova and implodes, in the seething stellar wreckage for a few days—even hours—lie tons of Illyrion, the element that makes interstellar travel possible. To help him secure the priceless fuel, Lorq recruits a gypsy musician, a would-be novelist, and some other ragtag misfits. But an even more dangerous fuel than Illyrion is revenge . . . This ebook features an...

Verses Sertanejos

Verses Sertanejos

Autor: Aldivan Teixeira Torres

Número de Páginas: 33

Sertão of the northeast, arid and barren land, Cradle of the greatest droughts, In cycles she delights herself. When they come it causes great damage, For the earth, fauna, flora and the man himself. Everything she consumes. And what to do? Before tremendous tragedy? There are two possibilities: Stay and fight to survive Or get out. Although the second option is more plausible The sertanejo insists for the first one For the love of her land, her own origins. Your attitud is admirable and praiseworthy. I feel proud of this noble character Which is coarse, thick, strong And at the same time simple. Her example shows us where the true force is. A powerful force that is able to fight against the impossible This is something that politicians do not even think about. And so the sertão of the northeast lies/dies forgotten.

Sin imagen


Autor: Sascha Arango , Pete Rissatti

Número de Páginas: 224

Henry Hayden parece um cara legal. Um autor famoso, mas humilde. Um marido devoto, embora pudesse ter a mulher que quisesse. Um amigo generoso. Alguém admirável. Mas Henry Hayden é uma mentira, uma máscara. Seu passado é um segredo, e seus planos mais ainda. Ninguém além dele e da esposa sabem que é ela quem escreve os livros que o deixaram famoso. Mas quando a amante aparece grávida, Hayden vê sua vida tão cuidadosamente construída em risco, e na tentativa de encontrar uma solução definitiva para o problema, comete um erro terrível. Agora, não só a polícia está atrás de Hayden, como seu passado também tenta alcançá-lo. Costurando mentiras, verdades e meias-verdades em uma tentativa de sobreviver, ele monta uma história complexa que talvez seja sua única chance de escapar da beira do abismo.

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